Weekend Reading — Current mood

Weekend Reading — Current mood

35 Mystifying 3D Murals With Hidden Messages From Artist Leon Keer Wow. These designs and these buildings!

Tech Stuff

You don't need JavaScript for that - HTMHell A collection of bad practices in HTML, copied from real websites.

How to Find a Job: Application Homework Frustrates Jobseekers Don’t know about you, but I was hoping we could leave homework behind, and that was the day I graduated high school.

AYANEO Retro Mini PC: Creator of Mini PC 2.0 Era The retro “looks like a Mac but is a mini PC” project. On Indiegogo.

iMessage, explained This blog post explains the internals of iMessage, coming from pypush, an open-source project that reimplements iMessage. There's also Beeper Mini which added iMessage support on Android phones. Until earlier this week, when Apple pulled the plug on it.

vercel/nft “Finally, an NFT that actually makes any sense.”

How Google takes the pain out of code reviews, with 97% dev satisfaction A study of Google's code review tooling, AI-powered improvements, and recent statistics. Critique, "Modern Code Review at Google," and various Google software engineering papers.

These Are the Best New Accessibility Features in macOS Sonoma I have finally fixed Notes! I could fix the font size in the app, but have to repeat every time I restart the app. But it turns out, there’s a much easier tweak:

System Settings > Accessibility > Display > Text Size. This page allows you to set a default text size for all apps and lets you customize preferred sizes for some Apple apps.

It's Time to Ditch Evernote for One of These Alternatives I use Notion (coughgeekcough). I didn’t get along with OneNote, not even one little bit. I used Bear for a while, but wasn’t too happy about paying monthly. Not going to touch Google’s Keep. I asked people to recommend their favorite, check the replies in my thread.

Real Programmer

OH: What does JIRA stand for?
It’s a recursive acronym for "Jira Isn’t Really Agile”

Eye for Design

The biggest trends in graphic design for 2024, as predicted by the creative industry

Is the flat design trend finally over? Please yes and thank you.

Five-Second Testing: Taking A Closer Look At First Impressions (Case Study) Sometimes the best way to test software is just to have a quick look and maybe all you need is to press one key?


Paper Notebooks vs. Mobile Devices: Brain Activation Differences During Memory Retrieval When writing on paper is better than typing on screen:

We compared three groups of participants who read dialogues on personal schedules and wrote down the scheduled appointments on a calendar using a paper notebook (Note), an electronic tablet (Tablet), or a smartphone (Phone). After the retention period for an hour including an interference task, we tested recognition memory of those appointments with visually presented questions in a retrieval task, while scanned with functional magnetic resonance imaging. We obtained three major results.

Martin Splitt “This meeting could not have been an email.”


nixCraft “Do you need a fun game for the kids for Christmas this year?”

Machine Intelligence

Study gauges how people perceive AI-created content These results are no surprise to me:

They found that when people knew a product’s source, they expressed a positive bias toward content created by humans. Yet at the same time, and contrary to the traditional idea of “algorithmic aversion,” people expressed no aversion toward AI-generated content when they knew how it was created. In fact, when respondents were not told how content was created, they preferred AI-generated content.

Excalidraw My favorite open-source drawing tool now does generative AI.

Everything Else

Adventures With Anxiety! A story-game about a human and their anxiety. You play as the anxiety.

how now 😆

Kid just made himself a Lego "cellphone," answered his first "call", then tapped the "end call" button in exasperation and said "it was a scam call”

What People Are Getting Wrong This Week: The 'Vibecession'

Vibecession has come to mean something like “widespread pessimism about the economy regardless of the economy itself.” We’re currently in the middle of a huge vibecession. But how is the economy, really?

voidWeb 2000

"be your own boss" sounds like a great way to ruin your relationship with yourself

The Combustion Predictive Thermometer Has Eight Sensors to Formulate a Cooking Time When you want to watch the steak cook from the comfort of your couch.

Why We Couldn’t Describe a Flavor We Taste Every Day TIL If I like tomatoes — and I do — that means I enjoy eating umami.

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